I have been addicted to lust since the age of 14. I was in therapy twice, but I never spoke the truth. I have had several miracle experiences in my life (one really BIG) with my Higher Power, but my HP was judgmental and I feared admitting my addiction to anyone. I tried the white-knuckle method once each year by ridding the computer of porn stash, but I didn’t stop the fantasy and sex with self every day. I was treated for prostate cancer in 2011, but found that I started crossing lines faster, and began acting out with other people. I finally found a good therapist, and started to tell the truth about my addiction. I was advised to start a 12-step program, but I didn’t act on it. Three months later, the FBI visited my house. I started going to SA five days later. Later that year I was charged with child pornography possession and transmission and was sentenced to six years in prison.

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WY, California, USA

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