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JUNE 2024

”Men and Women in SA”—This edition is about women and men finding sobriety together. We are all equal in the Fellowship, and we need each other’s fellowship to achieve recovery as the White Book states in its chapter on “Mixed Meetings” (SA 178-179). Both women and men in SA share how they practice healthy relationships with the opposite sex in SA, and how it helps them outside of the Program, too.

Men and Women in SA

Welcome to “ESSAY Conversations - Beyond the Page”, where sexaholics get together to share our experience, strength and hope with our Fellowship’s bimonthly magazine. Listen in, as we talk to authors and other contributors to the ESSAY Magazine. Today’s guests: Evelyn T - A Journey To a New Life Michael J - A Warm Welcome: Unveiling ESSAY’s Newcomer Orientation Video Series Be sure to visit for the latest articles from the ESSAY Magazine.

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