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“THE JOY OF SERVICE” — Many of us start experiencing it for the first time in our lives in early recovery. By coming on time at our home group meetings, helping to set up the room, and sponsoring others. We proceed to helping out at intergroup and regional level, organizing workshops and conventions, translating or proofreading. And then we start doing the same outside the fellowship too: improving our relationships with our children, spouses, parents, colleagues and friends through service.
In this issue read how members from all over the world experience the joy of service by helping out in the fellowship as well as by giving time to their family and work.

February 2023 “Aha! Moments” video: “THE JOY OF SERVICE”

“THE JOY OF SERVICE.” — The fourth video in our “Aha!” Moments series tells how one member made a powerful—yet simple—connection between how much certain members were filled with joy ... and how they viewed the importance of their service to the newcomer. Watch “The Joy of Service” and then learn more about other members’ stories of joy in this month’s issue of the ESSAY magazine!

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