Traditions in Practice

Tradition 7: Every SA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

Tradition 9: SA, as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.

From where does your group get SA literature? Who provides informational packets to individuals trying to start a new group? Who helps the desperate sexaholic connect with a group, or another member? From whom can you obtain information about meetings and contacts when traveling? Who provides online registration for our International Conventions?

If you answered SA International Central Office (SAICO) to all of these questions, you are correct. Without SAICO our fellowship would be severely hindered in our primary purpose of carrying our message to the sexaholic who still suffers. How does your group observe Tradition 7 with regard to SAICO?

Since 2014, donations and contributions to SAICO have lagged expenses. During this time our membership grew and the world economy strengthened. SAICO balances the budget by decreasing expenses and increasing literature and convention income. This is not, however, being self-supporting through our voluntary contributions!

Tradition 4 says that autonomy means your home group is free to decide for itself what to do. Many groups forward funds in excess of a prudent reserve to their intergroup to be forwarded to their region and SAICO. Other groups collect a quarterly donation specifically for SAICO. The European and Mid-Eastern Region (EMER) has an annual “Gratitude Week” when each group collects a donation for Central Office. Encourage your group to form a group conscience regarding support for our International Fellowship.

Many of us know the fellowship and 12 Step program of Sexaholics Anonymous saved our lives. What can you contribute to ensure that the next desperate sex drunk finds the same opportunities and resources for recovery that we found?


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