SA In Chennai, India

In search of sobriety, sex addicts battle selves and society

Abused by her uncle at the age of four, she began using sex to battle loneliness and rejection. But when it became a behavior she could no longer control, *Talitha K. scoured the net for help. After an online test, Talitha realized that she is a sex addict. Afraid to confide in her family and desperate to get help, she reached out to Sexaholics Anonymous (SA). Today, she uses their 12-point program to remain sober. “I was sexually abused by my uncle and father and ended up marrying a man who was also an addict,” says 31-year-old Talitha, adding that she found masturbation a coping mechanism to fight boredom, and ‘to feel loved.’ “My addiction was more to ‘love and relationships’ but I admitted it only about two months back.”

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Reprint from Chennai Times of Chennai, India

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