Sobriety and the Sea of Relativism


Originally published in Essay, Fall 1999, edited

Today the world is adrift on a sea of rapidly shifting mores. Every aspect of our lives and sexual thinking is affected. Thousands of voices clamor for attention, preaching new “freedoms” of every kind. Was it not but a few years ago that “shacking up”—what the courts called “cohabitation”—was thought to be abnormal? Today it is called a “meaningful relationship” or having a “significant other.”

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Roy K.

Published in SA loose literature in March 1982, this piece seems to be even more relevant with the passing of time. The work of a patient and loving God in the SA Fellowship during the same time period is also evident. The presence of a Higher Power at the recent Cleveland business meeting became clear as delegates and trustees broke through seemingly insurmountable obstacles to unity to forge a simple interpretation of the SA sobriety definition that was accepted by all.

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