One Night At A Time Hands Off!

I’ve physically acted out in my sleep. An old-timer who had the same problem suggested that I wear pants under my pajama pants. Acting on this suggestion has helped me avoid touching myself, providing as it does, an extra layer between myself and lust.

For me, it is an act of surrender expressing that I want to give up any form of fantasy or acting-out during the night. He also suggested to say the prayer in the White Book 167:

You know my heart, how I really want to lust. I send it away to You. Come be victorious over my lust; I don’t want any of it—conscious or subconscious. I want You to bear it for me. Please keep me sober from all my lust tonight.”

Here, I recall any form of lust that I may not have given up throughout the day and surrender it, praying for anyone involved. This helps me to stay clean at the subconscious level and enjoy a peaceful sleep with no erotic dreams. I’ve been practicing these tools for over a year now and they have been working for me, One Night At A Time.

Shemaryahu S., Israel

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