We Are Not A Glum Lot

One of the most effective Practical Tools is HUMOR.

  • Recently a sexaholic had a severe car accident. He had followed his sponsor’s suggestion to always look at his feet when he saw something that might trigger him.
  • Two sexaholics, a newcomer and a fellow with some years of sobriety, are having a coffee in a coffee shop. When an attractive young woman walks in, the newcomer starts staring at her and he continues to follow her with his gaze, without blinking. The other fellow, worried, nudges the newcomer and says: “What are you doing, man, think of your sobriety!” The newcomer replies: “I am! In SA I learned that the first look is on God and I’m still having my first look!”
  • What does an unsober sexaholic do on a bus in the city? Window shopping.
  • What do you call two sexaholics in a room? An SA Meeting.
  • Why does SA mainly attract men? Because it offers such a great toolbox!
  • What do you call someone who is powerless over lust towards his former partner? An “exaholic.”

This batch of self-invented jokes was sent in by

Joost V., Spain

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