International Joy by Serving at the Utah International Convention

I am grateful for the miracle of SA International Conventions where I have been blessed to meet so many who have recov­ered or are recovering from the addiction to lust.

My prayers to know how to assist with one of these miraculous events led me to my service sponsor who had experience serving in several service positions for multiple local and international conventions. The service I had provided in several local SA retreats had brought me great joy and planted the seed to assist with the SA international convention.

I started learning about how to host an international convention about four years ago. From that first day I pursued encouraging my local intergroup on the idea of hosting a convention. Several others began to feel the same desire to serve. When we were blessed with the opportunity to host the July 2021 International Convention I had only a little idea of how wonderful it would be to serve as the treasurer of this amazing event.

We watched and prayed as we started the registration for this event after having to change the event from an in-person event to a virtual event. I learned to trust in many others as they selflessly provided the support needed to make this event reality.

We were amazed as the registration climbed to over 1,012 registrants consisting of SAs, S-Anons, and S-Ateens; 629 of them were SA members. Over 70 SA women chose to sign up for this event and many served in various service capacities including technical support, host, speaker, panelists, and talent show contributors to help make this event amazing.

I felt great joy as I witnessed the forgiveness of others when there were various challenges with the virtual event hosting software, the payment process, and training.

I know that God makes joy possible in difficult times and amazing joy in service, and look forward to continuing to serve God and others the rest of my life knowing that joy is the result of that service. It is truly amazing what God can do with a sick sexaholic willing to follow His directions!

Tim B., Utah, USA

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