Doing It Like the Camel Just For Today 

Dear Essay, thank you for the June edition on Emotional Sobriety. 

The little camel on my golden necklace reminds me how to live up to emotional sobriety in the following poem an oldtimer recited when he saw it:

A camel each day goes twice on his knees

He carries his load with the greatest of ease

He goes through the desert with his head held high

And stays this day completely dry. 

So, it’s an AA Animal Symbol, I didn’t know it! It’s a metaphor for humility and patience when he carries his load of problems and traits, which the sickness brings with it, in a manner of balance and with dignity. He stays serene and  dry, … he has also the tools of the program packed. 

My load is still problems of all sorts, but sober I  can handle them. I did the Steps as sincere and thorough as I was able to with another wise camel and the outcome is the basis for more carrying through, and there is more coming every day to unpack … and work on and with my Higher Power and you all towards emotional and mental sobriety. 

“We have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.” (AA xiii) I thank God and SA for my sexual sobriety that started on Dec 29, 2009. Like the camel, I am now facing more oasis of wonder in a balanced and guided life. And like the camel, I only have to do it Just For Today. God bless you all on our journey!

Elaine P., Munich, Germany SD 29/12/09 

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