August 2022 - Poem “The Slogans”

Poem “The Slogans”

The Slogans

Keep Coming Back, is what they tell me every week;

You might think they tell me this mostly tongue in cheek.

But they did not, I assure you, the slogans are for real;

They express where we are, how we’re doing, how we feel.

Each slogan is full of life, each one has what to offer;

To the newcomer, the oldtimer, the believer, or the scoffer.

First things First, It’s a Simple Program just remember to Think think think,

One Day At a Time, we Let Go and Let God, and Just for Today, don’t take a drink.

You’re powerless, so Let It Go, Trust in God, let it be;

Take the Actions, Surrender the Results, and forever say Let It Begin with Me.

It Works If You Work It, don’t sit back and twiddle your thumb;

Work the Steps, Work the Steps, and the miracles will come.

Stay Teachable, Get a Sponsor, it will keep your life from going south;

Especially when you Take the cotton out of your ears, and stick it in your mouth.

Experience, Strength, and Hope, is our sponsorship nuts and bolts;

And Insanity Means Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results.

Your Best Thinking Got You Here, so stop judging the other guy;

Live and Let Live – Stop Playing God! – There But for the Grace of God Go I.

I can’t list every slogan, but To Thine Own Self Be True;

If you are Honest, Openminded and Willing, you’ll find the ones that work for you.

When all is said and done, there is room for everyone;

To have a Spiritual Awakening, and get your fair share of the fun.

Don’t give up, if you struggle, you might not get it right away;

Everyone has ups and downs, we all have bumps along the way.

Persistence and perseverance are my keys to stay on track

Which is why my group urges me weekly, most importantly: Keep Coming Back!


Shim F., New Jersey, USA

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