August 2022 SA Worldwide Membership Census

2022 SA Worldwide Membership Census

Help the Regional Alignment Committee count the number of SA meetings throughout the world

Every ten years, the SA Board of Trustees initiates a census of SA meetings. The primary purpose of this census is to ensure the fair representation of meetings in the General Delegate Assembly (GDA) across the various Regions in our fellowship. It also highlights how the Fellowship has changed and grown since the prior census. The Trustee Committee responsible for the census is the Regional Alignment Committee (RAC).

During the pandemic the method of gathering data about existing meetings was updated to a simple, single Online Form with the assistance of the Internet Technology Committee (ITC).

The information will be used for the RAC Meeting Census, for the Meeting Finder Tool on, and for SAICO’s database.

The Registration Form will be available through your Delegates, Region, or Intergroup. If your meeting is not belonging to an Intergroup you can contact SAICO directly.


Farley H., RAC Chairperson

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