Meeting Gems List

These are little gems of wisdom I have jotted down through the years. I keep them in my “Meeting In A Pocket” booklet from SAICO.

  • If you find yourself in a bad spot, GET UP & MOVE (use your feet).
  • Knowledge of God is not faith in God.
  • My Higher Power tells me “You’ll get through this thing if we work through it together.”
  • The first look is on God, the rest are on me. It is by writing things down (the Steps) that I hear God’s voice.
  • Man is most happy when in service to his fellow man. Two answers that are always appropriate: “thank you” and “interesting.”
  • A grateful addict does not use. I can have the attitude or the gratitude.
  • I can either prey on a woman, or pray for her.
  • First thoughts are wrong. I have a thinking (rather than drinking) problem.
  • I can’t un-see something (lust hit). Apparently I can un-hear something (recovery guidance).
  • Expectations are premeditated resentments. I can say “You may be right” and refuse to fight.
  • God never gives me more than I can handle, and I may have to ask for help.
  • I used to think God didn’t have time for me; now I wonder if I just didn’t make time for God.
  • I don’t have to do anything by myself anymore.
  • I paid others (strip club dancers) to tell me I was OK.
  • The internet has ‘weaponized’ porn.
  • SHAME means Should Have Already Mastered Everything.
  • I can f— everything and run, or face everything and recover. I surrender my right to live a normal life.
  • One look is too many, a thousand is not enough.
  • Meditation — Breathe out [me — I say my own name], breathe in God.
  • I’m not willing to give up the good things I’ve found in this program.
  • Continuous meetings will diminish the power the drug has over you.
  • I pray (the person I resent) has all the peace, prosperity, health, and happiness that I desire.

Chad H., Oregon, USA

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