Gravitation Towards God

I’m listening to a podcast with one former Heavyweight boxing champion, and a new Heavyweight champion. The two boxers are talking about how the younger man’s life has changed since becoming the new champion. Several things are discussed like the money, proving doubters wrong, all the work they both put in to achieve that title, and, of course, the excitement of the fans!

The younger man said that, as the heavyweight champion, people just want to be around him. People just want to spend time with him. They literally want to touch him. To have the confirmation that they are in fact, that close to the heavyweight champ of the world. Both the current champ and the retired champ acknowledge this as a clear matter of fact, and, with a laugh, that’s just how it is. It happens all the time, people are drawn to him.

When I heard that, I had an awareness about our relationship to God. It confirmed a feeling deep within me. I think all people long to be with God, just like the AA Big Book says. It gets obscured by other things, but it’s there. We really want to be close to Him and anything that represents Him like powerful people or things that affect how we perceive the world. We are drawn to those things and people.

That’s where that desire comes from. Our seeking a new state of consciousness, seeking to be near the significant person, even a boxer, is really a Divine, God given, innate drive to be with Him again.

We gravitate towards greatness. Whatever we think greatness is, we gravitate in that direction and that source of energy. We move towards each other, because we are created in His image. We really worship God, even if we don’t realize it.

Jesse, Alabama, USA

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