I Want To Share Life With You

We are in a new reality. Electronic meetings are going on around the world. They allow loners or travelers to join a meeting. I hear people say, “Yes, but they are not face-to-face meetings.” I beg to differ as they are face-to-face meetings. They are just not in-person meetings.

We can see people’s faces, reactions, responses. We can see others’ responses and put names to faces. I have a concern. There are many people who are joining meetings with a picture instead of their live self. I believe that is dangerous for them. They are hiding. Often, they are doing something and not joining completely. That seems like secrets to me. ‘Our secrets keep us sick.’ Come out of the closet.

I think it is also not fair to the group. We are sitting around one circle. If someone joins, we make the circle bigger. We are inclusive. Joining with a picture does not fit that attitude. Sitting outside the circle does not fit that attitude. We are a fellowship, so let’s join together. I do not want to see your PR photo or a funny saying. I want to share life with you.

Dave T., Oklahoma, USA

The Power Of Fellowship

After almost two years of sobriety, I had a relapse. Boom! It hit me after a few months of actively engaging in lust. Of course, I acted out! I thought that it had been OK to test the boundaries of lust and only taking the suggestions that I liked from my sponsor.

Coming back I had to get more involved in the fellowship and make it part of my life and my continuing story. When I have an issue I call, sometimes for feedback, sometimes to tell what is going on with me, and many times to see how the other person is doing.

I recently got honest about an embarrassing OCD issue I was having. I kept telling myself that it needed to be shared but that it was too embarrassing. Then, with the help of my Higher Power, I texted two friends and let them know I had something private to share with them. I did so and then shared it at the next meeting I was at. Since then I feel able to start tackling this issue head-on. In my homegroup we read issues of the Essay almost twice weekly. It always amazes me how in this program members do not need to be perfect to stay sober. That is something I gain from our great Newsletter. The power of fellowship never ceases to amaze me!

Yaakov, NY, USA

I Want To Make A Complaint

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who share your strength and hope in our Newsletter’s pages. I enjoy reading it a lot. All your stories describe a variety of the consequences of the addiction as well as, and more importantly, the common solution—that God does for us what we can not do for ourselves.

Reading your testimonies fills me with joy and serenity. One of my favorite pages is the one with pictures of meeting rooms from all around the world. It is amazing to see all those distant places and know that the solution is available wherever I’d go to. I have sent a picture of our meeting room in Krakow to give something back to you.

Let me end by “complaining” that it is a pity that the Essay is only published 5 times a year as it makes the longing for the next issue almost unbearable ;).

Lukasz G., Krakow, Poland

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