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When considering what artwork to design for this article, my imagination began to view Essay through the digital world (yesterday, today and tomorrow). It seemed appropriate to honor Essay’s digital outreach by designing this article to be read in a way that digital articles are often read, on an Android or Apple device.

Essay’s Digital Copy allows me to obtain the magazine within seconds and hold its entire content in the palm of my hand. Whenever a member mentions the magazine, I can pull it up immediately and participate in the conversation.

I remember the first time my home group used Essay’s digital copy. It seemed like only yesterday. After our meeting, a member reminded us that the latest edition was available for download. He asked if he could read a funny story from Essay to lighten our spirits. In a few moments, we were laughing hysterically. Over time, my home group incorporated Essay Digital into the meetings by screen sharing the magazine so members can follow along as we read it together.

I decided a year ago to work with my sponsees in a group in order to provide sponsorship to a larger number of women who were having a hard time finding a sponsor. This also gives my sponsees, who are ready for sponsoring yet are reluctant to do so, the option of co-sponsoring with another female for extra support. Today, I use and screen share Essay Digital when meeting with them. This allows them to hear the hope from other members, especially women, in recovery who are having similar experiences.

Lastly, I imagined Essay Digital for tomorrow. It seemed so fitting to consider Essay Digital as an app, and I enjoyed designing what the app could be. Members from all over the world could download the app and have immediate access to all the Essay magazines ever published. Articles from any edition could be pulled up under subject and used individually or as a group. Being convenient and user friendly could potentially reach a larger number of newcomers while ensuring a recovery based message. I am grateful for Essay’s service yesterday, today, and for its possibilities for tomorrow.

Laura W., Florida, USA

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