My Favorite Illustration Was Of The “SA Shine”

It was my privilege to serve as Essay editor during the years 1999-2000. My service term was short, but memorable. I could not always keep pace with the Essay production schedule. I will always admire those before and after me who have produced regular Essay issues full of inspiring material. We owe them a debt of gratitude. Theirs is not an easy task.

I remember working with Roy K., the founding member of SA, to produce two Essay issues featuring his experience, strength, and hope about deeper levels of lust recovery. He had a burning desire to share with the fellowship and labored diligently to prepare his two-part series entitled “A New Look at Lust Recovery.” These were published in Essay December 1999 and Essay 2000, Issue Two. Those articles provided the foundation of what became known as “Surrender and Accountability.” They were also Roy’s final original writings for the Essay. Later articles were reprints of earlier Essay articles or a reprint of Roy’s final letter to SA trusted servants in 2009.

I remember working on the Essay issue honoring the memory of the late Jesse L., a well-known and loved SA old-timer. It was easy to find material for that issue, and it was fun to put together. My favorite was the reprint of his pamphlet to the newcomer, “Why Stop Lusting?” His emphasis on prayer the moment lust occurs was especially meaningful. Jesse had written, “We found we could always pray longer than our lust would last. If lust comes back quickly again as it does so much at first, we pray again.” These memories were published in Essay 2000, Issue One.

I also remember experimenting, for the first time, with artwork in the Essay. Before going to print, I sent the content to a fellow SA member, and he added lots of clip art to illustrate the different articles and make the journal more visually appealing. That was a new venture, and it was fun, too. My favorite illustration was of the “SA shine” on the faces of sober sexaholics (see photo), as described in Jesse’s article.

Essay has come a long way since my brief time as editor 20+ years ago. We have moved into the digital age. Essay is now available online for free, and in print with a subscription. Essay is now in color. Each new issue is packed with meaningful articles and artwork. Keep up the excellent work!

Dorene S., Washington, USA

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