Sobriety Is Very Simple But Not Easy to Grasp

Why is sobriety not something easy to grasp? Because it is very simple! Much has been said and tried to improve the sobriety of sexaholics; however, I cannot find a more efficient way than doing the following:

1- complete abstinence.
2- working with others.
3- attending meetings.

What about complete abstinence? This is, for me at least, the simplest one, as it requires some self-discipline and understanding of the behavior patterns. I cannot stay sober while I keep hiding many small bottles here and there. Hidden lust bottles that are labeled “slips” are extremely risky to me! I am very allergic to lust. No matter how small the portion is, I simply cannot take it! My body and mind react differently to them. I develop an obsession which will eventually make a relapse inevitable. I should and must stop at all costs! The more tolerant I am, the worse I get.

Now let’s talk about working with others. Why is intensive work with others a guarantee for recovery? Because I will not relapse when I work the steps with another addict who needs help! I’ll be closer to my Higher Power with a functioning spiritual awakening and combined with a positive attitude to life. Working with and helping others is a joy for a lonely person like me. It gives me a sense of value and respect. With Covid-19, the SA fellowship has expanded utilization of online meetings widely which helps me to work with many fellows around the world! I am globally connected! Working with others is not easily done without meetings (my last point).

Meetings! I must say that I have been very blessed to join SA when the pandemic was soaring. Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet, etc. The SA meeting is as close as the phone in my pocket. I am able to attend meetings from different world locations by just clicking a link! This is also a great way to meet newcomers and maybe my future sponsees! I have no excuse for staying away from meetings now. Distance is not the issue anymore.

It is really impressive how attending a Step work meeting and working with others can help me achieve abstinence! The number of ways that keeps me sober is really amazing.

Ameer M., Iraq

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