The Seed the Fellowship Planted Has Grown Into a Tree

I came to SA in 2016 via online meetings in Egypt and soon after, attended my third SA meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which is my home meeting. I have remained here since.

My main forms of acting out were pornography, fantasies, excessive masturbation, and sex with others. Eventually I hit bottom in my acting out which crossed many boundaries and ethics that I used to live by and which led me to try more and more to stop lusting while I couldn’t on my own.

Today I have a sponsor, have worked the 12 Steps, and have started to sponsor others. I’m so thankful that I stayed in the fellowship even though I didn’t maintain sobriety after my first meetings. But the fellowship planted a seed of recovery into my heart and so I never left.

Over time, I have realized that the seed has grown into a tree and my life continues to get better. My life has kept improving since my recovery journey started and I have begun to be free from shame, guilt, and my compulsive behaviors.

I will never forget the day when an SA member shared his story and his willingness to sponsor other sexaholics in the Essay magazine. While reading his story I saw the similarity between me and him, and I wanted the recovery he had. I was able to contact him and asked him to be my sponsor. He agreed and is my sponsor since then. I am grateful for him and for the Essay magazine which brought us together!

Currently, we are looking for a meeting location here as things are opening up again after the Covid pandemic. We have an average of three people per meeting and are looking to grow and reach more sexaholics.

I thank God for my previous SA sponsors and my current sponsor, all of who happen to live in the United States. I thank God for this amazing international fellowship. Thank you for letting me share. Peace be with you.

Khalid A., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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