R Is for Recovery

R is for Recovery and Riding

Before joining SA, I did activities with a hidden agenda- to spot or be spotted by a “potential husband”. I cringe when I think about these crazy motives. As I was doing Step Four, my sponsor asked me if I would accept life if I never got married. It was a very tough question and I felt justified in my dream of getting married some day; however, she opened my eyes to see that I could still live and enjoy life as a single woman. It is in SA that I learned to pursue fun activities with no hidden lust motives.

At the beginning of this year, I enrolled for a motorcycle class, a step towards fulfilling a childhood dream. After a week of intensive learning, I began window shopping for a motorcycle. I didn’t know what I wanted so I used my budget to guide me. After two weeks, I bought a sports bike with a 150cc engine. I named the bike Julliard after a ballerina school because, in order to reach the ground from the saddle, I have to tip down my toes. The first two months with Julliard were scary. I fell on the first day and almost swore never to ride again. Two days later I tried again and was discouraged by the weight of the bike. I felt it was too heavy to move and at one time it fell on me. However I was determined not to give up and for the next few weeks I would struggle to ride for at least 20 minutes a day. I fell and dropped the bike so many times that I developed anxiety.

After two months of trying and failing, I decided to give up. But one day shortly afterwards, I went to cycle my old bicycle and realized that the same technique I used to cycle could be used to ride the motorcycle. I tend to think that it was God encouraging me because that very day, I had my first successful ride.

It’s now been over six months since that day and I am glad I did not give up. I have joined a wonderful and very supportive biking community that I would otherwise never have met. I have gotten the chance to explore different parts of Kenya and meet amazing people from different backgrounds. I have participated in a lot of causes and even had the chance to carry the SA message to a biker whom I feel is one of us.

Being a female biker has given me an identity that my twelve year old self would still be dreaming about. I am so grateful, and look on this enjoyable activity as a wonderful gift of sobriety.

Kawy, sexaholic from Kenya

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