Editors' Corner

Editor’s Corner

We saw that our problem was threefold: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Healing had to come about in all three (SA 204).

There are many ways to work on our threefold recovery. In this special edition, members share what has worked for them.

An American fellow and Egyptian lady share about working the Steps as well as therapy on their emotional recovery. A German member reveals the link he found between binging on sugar and the intense lust dreams he endured. An Indian female member has found intuitive watercoloring very helpful to voice her inner child. Another member recounts how his Higher Power helped him to forgive the man who abused him over 40 years ago.

Learn about the precious service of the Public Information Committee, which is looking for creatives to tell the world SA is there to help those who identify with us.

Read all about how the Ukrainian fellowship organized a convention notwithstanding their difficult circumstances and how the participants had a very uplifting and spiritual time together.

The goal of all these efforts—whether it is Step work, therapy, art work, reading lots of program as well as self-help books, physical exercising, prayer, attending fellowship events etc.—is to experience a spiritual awakening. To improve our conscious contact with our Higher Power. The One who has all power. May you find Him now!

In fellowship, The Editorial Team essay@sa.org

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