South American Outreach

On Tuesday December 5th, veteran SA member Dave (27 years sober) arrived in Colombia to share with us his experience, strength and hope. On December 6th he accompanied us to the noon and afternoon meetings, where there was a combined attendance of close to 15 members. On the next day we went to a drug-addiction treatment center, where Dave shared his experience with 9 psychologists and close to 20 addicts. His love for the program and spirituality moved many of the attendants.

Between Friday the 8th and Sunday the 10th, around 30 SA members took part in Dave’s conference. God acts in wonderful, miraculous and surprising ways: for the first time we had two new-arrivals and one member attending his second meeting, all on this workshop. On Saturday morning we went to a park near the city, where the contact with nature was a channel that allowed us to feel the presence of our Higher Power, all guided by Dave’s experiences and his generous love.

To our great surprise, the number of fellows closing Saturday’s meeting was 27, exactly the same number of fellows closing the meeting on noon on Sunday, with different people in attendance. This number coincides with Dave’s 27 years of sobriety. This was not a coincidence: it was a God-incidence. In addition, on Sunday afternoon there was an S-Anon meeting, where two of the addict’s family members attended for the first time.

We could all see God working through Dave, and God’s love for each and every one of us. We entered into a new level of connection with Him.

In fraternity,

Oscar M., Colombia, South America

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