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Experiencing the Miracle of SA Sobriety

In the April issue, read about the miracles that have happened in members’ lives since they started living according to our common sobriety definition.

Giving Up My Stash Like the Alcoholics

This Australian female member testifies how she had to go to any lengths to become sober.  

A Different Life

Embracing the SA sobriety definition carried him from a life of same-sex acting out to having a happy marriage with a woman, an astonishing spiritual growth, and helping out his parents.

I Did Not Quit. I Surrendered. 

The program changed this depressed and suicidal woman, who came into the SA program in 1992, into a precious child of God. 



April 2023 edition: Celebrating the SA Sobriety Definition (Stories due Mar 1) 

Tell us about the miracles that have happened in your life since you accepted our common sobriety definition. 

June 2023 edition: Sober Travel (Stories due May 1) 

What tricks do you have to stay sober on the road and in the air during the holidays?

August 2023 edition: Newcomers—How to Welcome and Keep Them (Stories due July 1)

Share the strategies your home group has to welcome and keep new members. 

October 2023 edition: Relapse Prevention (Stories due Sept 1) 

What can we learn from those having long-term sobriety today in order to safeguard our sobriety?


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