februari-2023-RAC Update on SA Worldwide Membership Census

RAC Update on SA Census Worldwide Membership Census


As of January 15, 2023, we are approaching 1000 Registered meetings of out of an expected 1700. We have extended the deadline once from December 31, 2022, to January 31, 2023. For several reasons, we have not yet approached the critical mass we had hoped for.

These include translation from English to the local language. Special thanks go out to Antonio S. from Columbia for the great work he has done in the Latin America Region.

We have received meeting totals but no registrations from the Farsi-speaking Region for obvious reasons. They have provided current totals. The German-speaking region has also got off to a late start.

RAC has voted to extend the Census data collection until the hard date of April 10, 2023, at its January 7 meeting. This allows time for RAC to compile the data and present it to the BOT in time to present this data to the GDA prior to the May 7 meeting.

GDA members, Intergroup Reps and GSRs, please continue to assist and register all meeting data. Include face-to-face Meetings, hybrid meetings, Zoom, Skype, etc. as per the BOT transmission to RAC (included) which directed us: “Meetings are a valuable place to begin because this is where the newcomer first meets SA. There is a need to know how many opportunities a newcomer has to hear sexaholics share the message.”

RAC will continue to assist you in answering all questions. Laura at SAICO also provides assistance and can be contacted at: saico@sa.org

Farley H., RAC Chairperson

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