Praying Outside of the House

Praying Outside of the House

One of the practical tools I have found most helpful in recovery, particularly as a method of working Step 11, has been setting aside time to pray outside of my house during the day. I have worked remotely since the start of COVID lockdowns in 2020, so I am often able to get away, doing so to houses of worship near my home. I have also done so in parks, airport chapels, or in lobbies or waiting rooms when out and about. My favorite places to go are places of worship where there are kneeling cushions available, since kneelers provide me with a physical representation of my powerlessness before God. (I have actually got one in my home if I am unable to get away from work.) Regardless of where I pray, I notice a distinct positive difference in my day after I do so. By contrast, on days when I do not get outside to pray, I note that I am often more “restless, irritable, and discontent” (AA xxviii).

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James H., South Carolina, USA

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