We Are Still a Small Fellowship, But We Are Here!

Our Hungarian fellowship was established in September 2019 on the closing day of the SA conference held in Budapest. The determination and enthusiasm that set us on the road is still with us to this day.

At first we had live meetings once a week in Budapest, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, we switched to online meetings. The Higher Power turned this social disadvantage to our advantage, as even members who do not live in Budapest can now easily join the meetings. About two months ago we started our second weekly meeting, which is well attended. Slowly but steadily we thrive and sobriety is growing. Our fellowship is 15 members strong, including two women. The female members of our community are actively building international relationships. We are working to carry the message.

Most of us also attend English-speaking meetings on a regular basis, which helps us maintain the right focus. It is a great experience to hear the shares of our peers who show us the way with years, often decades, of sobriety behind them. Some of them even knew Roy himself!

From the beginning, we have received a lot of help from the international fellowship. We have set up a translation committee, which is working hard to make the White Book available in Hungarian. Together we look forward to being happy, joyous, and free!

Peter G., Budapest, Hungary

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