These Four Walls

Imagine living in a small, plain white-walled cell for ten years with an addiction to lust. Imagine life with no help, no one to confide in and no hope of breaking out of physical, emotional, and spiritual hell.

If you have found sobriety in SA, then you can offer help to a person addicted to lust serving time in prison. Our SAICO office offers free white books, copies of the Essay, and a sponsor by mail. When a prisoner sends a request back, the requests for a sponsor by mail are sent to our SA Correctional Facilities Committee, who pass on the names and contact information to our local CFC committees.

I have been writing to prisoners for five years. I followed some of the prisoners through their prison term and their release. The prisoners write telling me of their hopelessness. There are plenty of temptations to act out in prison. Drugs and sex are available; sex with self or others is common. For those who are addicted and cry out for help, our SA fellowship can help. There are few alternatives. There is not much sympathy, understanding or help available in prison. As with all service, I find that I receive much more than I give.

Kirt B., Missouri, USA

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