Which Way Do You Take?

Hi everyone, I’m Flo, a recovering sexaholic, sober since Oct 7, 2015. Sobriety is my priority in life. I want to live a sober life, no matter the kind of garbage I have to face on a given day. No matter what the emotional or physical pain, I keep moving ahead in my sobriety and recovery. Why? Because sobriety is the only thing I really have in life, and everything in my life depends on this.

That’s what I wanted to illustrate with my drawing. My health, family, friends, money, job, freedom, … are all based on my recovery, on which way I take.

As of five minutes ago, I was laying on my couch, thinking about my life, the way things are going at the moment. They are running really well. I have sobriety. I have peace. I do not obsess about sex. I have a good job and have some money in the bank. I feel joy through my family and my friends; people appreciate me; they appreciate the contribution I make to life today. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I can honestly say that I am a completely different person from the one I was five years ago.

But, good and all as this is, I still need to work at my recovery. Like it says in the Big Book, “I cannot rest on my laurels.”

In case it sounds like I have it all wrapped up and am giving a lecture – no! I can honestly say that I have been struggling these past few days; feeling a sense that my life makes no sense, a sense of heading into depression.

But – no matter what – depression or no depression, having sex or living like a monk, having fun or living in emotional misery – I want sobriety!!!!

This program works 24 hours a day: it works for my sponsor, it works for thousands of sexaholics around the world, it worked for Roy K. So, why wouldn’t it work for me – an ordinary Joe, another clown on the bus.

That’s the way I’ll take things today – even if I feel like garbage, I know it will pass. And why? Because it has passed before, lots of times; and I have seen it pass for others as well, people who went through hell in sobriety and who, in time, became more and more comfortable with themselves and with the world.

You get the message. You know what I mean. There is no other way to say it other than, it’s up to you. Just consider, – the only reason for a relapse is if you allow yourself to have one.

Florian K., Germany

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