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Discussion Topic

Is the emphasis of my recovery on my
spiritual condition?

Iranian old-timer Masoud describes in great detail how he has been working his program since the beginning of his recovery to improve his conscious contact with the God of his understanding.

He told us about an early childhood dream which touched him a lot and how Step Two helped him to identify the influence of the authority figures in his childhood on his perception of God.

He goes on by sharing which actions he took to outgrow these old ideas and come to a new and life-giving relationship with a loving HP.

Did I work a thorough Step Two? Do I have a concept of a loving HP of my own understanding today? Do I really trust Him? Have I really turned my will and my life over to His care?

Do I have a place in my home that is conducive to prayer and meditation?

Do I practice my Eleventh Step first thing in the morning, every single day?

When I catch myself being self-centered again, full of fear, stress and worry, do I go through the whole Step process again so I can learn from the challenges that I am confronted with?

Do I take extra time for prayer and meditation when I am extra busy?

Do I still ask for and take Good Orderly Direction from my sponsor and other trustworthy fellows?

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