The Sexaholic in the Hole

I heard this story recently at one of the many meetings I go to and I wanted to share it with the Essay readers:

A sexaholic is cruising the pavement, looking at triggers everywhere, and falls into a hole. He tries and tries to get out but can’t. He starts shouting. “Help me! Help me!”

A priest and rabbi come walking down the road. They hear his shouts, look down the hole and are filled with compassion. “My, my. This is a terrible situation. How did you come to fall into that hole, young man?” When the man tells them how he fell into the hole, they tell him that his situation is sad and that they will pray for him, very hard. They give him their blessing and pass on their way.

The man continues to shout. “Help me! Help me!”

Another man comes along and looks into the hole. He is a psychologist. “Oh my,” he says and asks the man how he fell down the hole. “I suggest to you” the psychologist says, “that you did not fall down the hole so much as that you are hiding down there— from feelings. Tell me about your childhood.” After one hour, the psychologist walks away, saying he will be back next week.

Eventually this other guy comes along, sees the man in the hole and jumps in.

“What have you done?” the first guy says, amazed. “Now we’re both stuck and can’t get out.” “Don’t worry,” the second guy says. “I know this place. I’m a sexaholic in recovery and I know the way out. Just follow me.”

Francis P., Manchester, UK

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