I Am a Moth

I Am a Moth

This morning in the hybride Manchester, US “Not a Glum Lot meeting,” we read the first story “I’m a Sexaholic” from Member Stories 2007. The text from The Real Connection today was entitled “Hidden Desires” and talked about riding a motorcycle too close to the edge of the Grand Canyon. While my fellows were sharing, I spontaneously penned down a text.

Given that I was the guy who didn’t do well enough in high school in just one subject, English, in order to be allowed to go to a four-year college, these words came from God and belong to Him. He gave me the privilege of reading it as the last share. I titled it “I am a Moth.”

I Am a Moth

I am a moth

I am attracted to bright things!

Open flames, camp fires, candles …

… and all those things I know are bad for me!

I have seen my fellows get too close and get badly burned …

…or even killed!

But, I am a moth!

A few days ago I came upon a light bulb.

It did not seem as dangerous as those other things!

I came closer …

… felt its warm glow.

I landed on it!

I burned my feet and singed my wing tips …

… dancing about on that glowing orb!

It was all I could do to fly away!

One would think I would realize the danger …

But I …

Am A Moth!

Warm regards,


Clay G., Delaware, USA

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