The Program Is My Parachute Today

The Program Is My Parachute Today

When I was 18, I went on a parachute course with a few friends. I was looking for a new adventure and an experience that I could feel proud about. After one day’s instruction on the theory, we were given the go-ahead to make our jump. We would be using the “static-line” technique for our jump. Here, a cord runs from the parachute to a rail fixed on the inside of the plane. When you jump, the cord pays out, then pulls out your parachute; you don’t have to do anything. The plane we were using was very small. For the jump, you had to step out from the plane onto a grill-step and grab hold of a metal grip that was underneath the wing. The idea then was to let go of the grip and allow the rushing air to carry you away from the plane.

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Hubert P., Wrocław, Poland

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