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In this month’s issue, members share the miracles of their recovery, enjoying freedom from the toxic power of lust by the humble working of this program. A Ukrainian lady shares how sobriety helped her to overcome crippling defects of character. A Belgian member is living happy, joyous and free; especially free of feeling he must conform to binding societal labels. A fellow from the UK tells us how our “crazy, impossible sobriety definition” attracted him rather than put him off, and that by aligning his life to the definition, things for him are no longer crazy and impossible. Eric shares how boundaries help against the chaos and impulsivity of his own “best thinking”.

The miracle growth of SA continues and we include in this issue articles from our brothers and sisters in the brand new “Australian – New Zealand Region.” Jason, the first ever Australian Trustee, recounts the miracle of the birth of this new region. Petrice from Australia tells how connection with SA fellows keeps her from feeling overwhelmed when she loses her emotional balance. An oldtimer from Sidney shares how recovery changed him into a new person. Pat from New Zealand starts off his days by falling to his knees, praying to God that He do in his life what he can’t do for himself. Each story offers wonderful hope, testimony to the miracle of recovery from our disease. Also in this issue, the Trustee Chair tells us of the latest developments in SA; learn about SA’s Legal Committee and, get yourself ready for the International Summer Convention in Poland, and for the Winter Convention in Israel.

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