Step 9: Putting the Picture Back on the Desk

When I was sixteen years old I was caught having sex with my girlfriend. We had skipped school and headed to my house. A few hours later my parents came through the door. I was busted. I remember the embarrassment, anger, and disappointment I saw on my parents’ faces. At sixteen I was a full blown sexaholic, I just didn’t know it yet. I was using porn and masturbation to numb out and had been for many years. What I remember occurred over the next few days. My Mom made me confess in front of my church congregation. That was very humiliating. I also had to tell my grandparents I had skipped school and had sex with my girlfriend. I never will forget my Granddad’s response. “Whatever you do son, finish your schooling and go to college.” WHAT???? I still don’t really get that one. He was more concerned that I skipped school and never mentioned the sex part.

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Preston D., USA

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