Discussion Topic

Discussion Topic

Are you at ease with your disease today?

The writer of Every Moment Is A “Given Moment” tells how his life in 12 Step recovery hit a slump at 14 years and how going to SA completely changed his life.

He discovered that his recovery is like a lake that needs a continuous inflow and outflow.

How is your recovery lake today? Is it stagnant and lifeless; is it rather shallow; or is it a beautiful and healthy lake with lots of vibrant life and movement?

Are you taking care of the inflow by attending enough meetings, making phone calls, reading program literature, and working the Steps? Are you taking care of the outflow by trying to help, reaching out to others, and service in SA? Are you at ease with your disease today?

You may use this topic in a discussion meeting, or send a story of your own recovery journey to essay@sa.org

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