Discussion Topic

Discussion Topic

Discussion Topic: (How) Do I use the Slogans in my daily life?

In the well-filled recovery toolbox which we got passed on from AA, we not only find Steps, Traditions, and Concepts, but also SLOGANS. We all know some of them. In many 12-Step meeting rooms the walls are even decorated with posters containing one or more Slogans. 

Gene T. tells us in the article “The Slogans Are Quick References to Sanity” his history with the Slogans and their positive influence on his early recovery as well as current life.

Which role did the Slogans play in your early recovery? Did your sponsor or home group  teach them to you? How do you use the Slogans in your recovery today?

Which are your favorite Slogans? What do they mean to you? How do you use them? Are there any moments in your recovery that a Slogan kept you sober or emotionally in balance? 

Do you pass the Slogans on to your sponsees or home group members? What could you or your home group do to make them more known to the members of your local fellowship? 

You may use this topic in a discussion meeting, or send us a story of your own recovery journey to essay@sa.org

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