August 2022 SA Costa Rica Fell in Love with the SA Sobriety Definition

SA Costa Rica Fell in Love with the SA Sobriety Definition

At the end of 2013, at a meeting of another S-fellowship, we came across an SA article entitled, “THE ADDICT AND HIS FEAR OF DEATH.” It impressed us a lot. We found out more about SA and fell in love with the Sobriety Definition. In October of that same year, SA Costa Rica was born. 

Our first meeting took place over the phone with the guidance of our good friend Jim D from the USA. Nine years have passed since. Many have arrived and many have left, but the group has grown strong. Currently, we have three face-to-face meetings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays and a virtual meeting on Thursdays; some members are already past a year’s sobriety and we have an active website through which we take ***inquiries with a unique telephone number dedicated to that purpose.

We have experienced the joy of having strong sober members accompany us virtually, as well as in person, even taking us through a face-to-face Step workshop.

With great joy we learned that there are fellow-members in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama. It would be fabulous if, before the end of this decade, we had a new region – the Central American Region!

What is our future? We have no idea and we don’t mind about that because we trust that our destinies are safe in the hands of a Higher Power. SA Costa Rica and SA in the rest of the world are in His hands!




Javier V., San José, Costa Rica

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