Discussion Topic

Discussion Topic

How are you and your home group welcoming and keeping newcomers?

Kawy shares in the article “Helping Others By Showing Up” how her way of helping newcomers to stay in SA is by sponsoring some, showing up, and being there for them in different ways.

She goes into great detail to explain how SA Net goes about welcoming and keeping its newcomers.

What is your home group’s procedure of dealing with newcomers? Has it been successful? 

Have you given serious thought on how to improve your initial email or phone contact? On how to welcome them at their first meeting? 

What (spoken and unspoken) message is conveyed by the culture of your group? Is it one of hope, sobriety, and joy? How do you follow up on your newcomers? How do you welcome members who left SA and show up again? 

You may use this topic in a discussion meeting, or send a story of your own recovery journey to essay@sa.org

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