Visit By David T. (Stringman) To Australia

Dave T. (the Stringman) recently visited Australia with the support of various International SA committees, for which the Australian SA fellowship is extremely grateful. Dave came to Australia because we want and need to hear from the sober old-timers while they still can make the trip to the other side of the world!

Following the visits of other SA members with considerable sobriety, (Nicholas, UK; Harvey, USA; and Mike C., USA), whose visits 4–6 years ago were largely supported by direct local fund-raising, this visit however was originally prompted by the recent appearance of an SA group in a “small” regional city, Newcastle.

Located some distance from Sydney, it is well outside of the usual six large Australian State Capital cities and the National Capital, which have all had SA group for 10–30 years (those larger cities typically have between 4 to 5 SA groups and between 1–5 Million people).

In the spirit of SA groups being self-sufficient through their own contributions, when this small group desired an overseas visitor, the small group raised money, then rallied some support at the National level for a 1-week visit including internal travel and accommodation; but then still needed considerable outside financial support to pay for the expensive overseas flights.

When approached, Dave T. was very happy to make the trip, and when it was combined with a visit to Singapore and South Korea which also needs this sort of support, and an extra week in Australia based in Melbourne (one of Australia’s big cities), the makings of a grand 3-week tour was formed and the support generously extended!!

David S., Richmond, Melbourne Group, Australia

Essay adds:

David T. also went to Singapore and to Seoul, Korea. His comments on Singapore are in the Letters section. In Seoul he attended the two weekly SA meetings and appreciated their Korean translation of the White Book. In all three nations he observed the shortage of printed SA Literature. Additionally he experienced a low awareness of the importance of multiple meetings per week for sexaholics. Dave was welcomed heartily and treated royally by all the groups!

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