Sexual Sobriety Is Truly The Key To A Happy And Joyous Freedom

Let’s start with some statistics. The word happy appears in the book Sexaholics Anonymous seven times, and in the book Alcoholics Anonymous 16 times. The word joyous is in the SA book eight times, and in the AA book 12 times. Freedom is used only four times in the AA book and 37 times in the SA book. That leads me to believe that freedom is more important to sexaholics than to alcoholics. That does not mean freedom is not important to alcoholics, it simply means it is more important to us. So, what is freedom to a sexaholic, and not just freedom, but happy, joyous freedom? I can’t tell you what it is for others. I can only tell you what it is for me. When I came to Sexaholics Anonymous I was a member of another ‘S’ Fellowship. I had defined my bottom-line behavior, and it coincided with the SA shared sobriety statement. So, I already had some sober time when I came to SA.

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Bob F., Nebraska, USA

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