Very Grateful to Have the Essay Magazine Available for Free Download

Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Ivory Coast are the countries whose members have been participating in the Africa Sunday SA Zoom meeting every Sunday at 17:30 GMT. This is only one Zoom meeting out of many in the continent, and there are more countries with SA members in addition to those mentioned above.

Addiction to lust knows no limits; it transcends language and nationality. I am so grateful for my 12-step program in SA; it has given me and people throughout the world the gift of hope.

1. The Essay Magazine: Free Literature
It is unfortunate but a true fact that much of our SA literature costs money. I can buy a White Book or a Step into Action book for $10 in the USA. Copies of these books are not readily available in most African countries. The average monthly salary for the majority of the workers in Ghana varies between the equivalent of $35 to $95 US dollars a month. An SA book is beyond his/her reach.

However, we have a number of pamphlets on our website which can be downloaded for free. We are also very grateful to have the current and past issues of Essay magazine available for free download. What a gift! The issues of Essay magazine can be read during our local meetings or at my leisure on my smartphone, and they are free!

2. The English Language
Although there are hundreds of African languages which are the mother tongues of the inhabitants, in most English-speaking countries in Africa the English language is the “national” language. It is the language of instruction in schools and in the business world.

The Essay Magazine is available to many people living in such countries where English is the “national” language. A person may not be fluent in English, but can benefit from listening to our SA literature being read and discussed. Indeed, there is no other option since our literature has not yet been translated into many African languages.

3. Technology Can Help
In my own life, my internet connection drew me deep into pornography on the internet. My internet connection also helped me to find Sexaholics Anonymous. Now, with a world-wide pandemic raging, I have made life-giving connections on the internet through SA Zoom meetings. The current issue and past issues of Essay are available to me 24/7 on the internet. Even though I live in rural Ghana and sometimes have a spotty internet connection, I can live sober. I surrender all lust temptations that come to me on the internet, and I receive encouragement and advice from the world-wide fellowship of SA.

The number of mobile phones in Ghana in January 2021 was 41 million and our population is around 30 million. This is the 21st century, and we live in a global village. Help is available online for many Africans living in a rural setting. Of course, not every mobile connection is a smartphone, but many are. Although this means that pornography is available, it also means that help is available on our website, the Essay magazines, and many SA phone and Zoom meetings.

4. Opportunities for Growth in SA
In addition to our weekly Sunday SA meeting at 17:30 UTC (ID.# 867-0637-5646; password: 5424), there are SA meetings in Kenya during the week. Our contact in Kenya, Dan, helped arrange an SA 12-step workshop for two consecutive Sundays in October led by a UK old-timer. It attracted a number of participants.

Our African SA fellowship will be hosting a one-hour Channel B Panel discussion for the 2021 SIM Marathon. We also have a group of African SA members who are meeting to create are presentative committee to organize our meetings and activities in Africa.

2020 and 2021 have been years of growth in our membership in Africa, and I am grateful to say that Essay is definitely playing a part.

Kwaku O., Eastern Region, Ghana

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