A String in the Bow of His Lord

A String in the Bow of His Lord


Many fellows from all over the world were deeply saddened by the news that oldtimer Dave T. had passed away. He had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer but it didn’t seem anything was imminent at the time.

Dave had been sober in SA since 1990. He was well-known as the “string man” as he was a very gifted storyteller and had creatively adapted a series of string exercises to illustrate our program principles with.

Dave truly was a string in the bow of his Lord. A great example of the difference that one man can make. He traveled to over 25 countries holding string workshops and carrying the message, including Australia, Costa Rica, Russia, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Egypt, Israel, Mongolia, Finland, Slovakia, UAE, Singapore, Poland, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Mexico, UK, Armenia, Ireland, Colombia. Literally SA exists in some countries just because of his visiting, holding workshops, and breathing life into the young local fellowship. Sometimes his workshops were attended by 20-30 members, sometimes up to more than 200. He also did several online workshops and talks for the Iranian fellowship and was dearly loved by them.

Even in his 80s he continued traveling for months on end, thereby sacrificing his own comfort. He always preferred to stay at fellows’ homes over staying in fancy hotels; to eat home-made or local dishes over standardized meals; to travel by car or local bus over airplane. He talked tirelessly to members whenever they wanted.

Dave would say we ALL have the potential to have this kind of impact. He would add, “Carry the message! Pass it on! Even if it’s just to one more person.”

Jean V., Belgium

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