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Help the PI Committee Save Lives

Who are we? We are the Public Information Committee who serve under the Board of Trustees. I call us the band of creatives. We reach out to the general public, telling the world SA is here to help those who identify with us. Today, addicts are immersed in the digital world. Many of them will never stumble upon vital information about sexaholism and SA. That is where we come in and why we need your help.

Whether you have skills in social media, video development, graphic design, coding, web building, audio recording and editing, music writing, you can play a part in helping save lives.

Some initiatives have been setting up accounts on social media to post resources about SA. Other projects we have done are producing videos for

One project is the Women’s Welcome Packet, designed to reach women clicking on for the first time. It will let women know that SA is for them by communicating the message through the women’s experiences. What a gift to women hearing the message of recovery for the first time!

Inspired by the Women’s Welcome Packet, PI members expressed their desire to create a similar packet for the whole of SA. The result was the creation of The Newcomer Orientation Series, a delightful series of videos developed by a gentleman who walks the newcomer through getting set up.

The series will be presented to the General Delegate Assembly in February 2024 for approval. We can’t wait for you to see them!

Would you please help us? Contact us at to get connected. We would love to have you join this band of brothers and sisters who are often the first point of contact with those in need of recovery.

Laura W., former PIC Chair

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