Old-Timers Speak — Part II

The Old-Timers’ panel in Newark last summer was comprised of Dee (1987), Tom (1987), Pat (1996), Mitch A. (1985), Margo C. (1986), and Harvey A. (1984). Part I was in the December Essay.

On Apps and Technology

Harvey – See this little booger (he points to his smartphone)? This could either destroy me or could make my life so much easier. I have a 10th Step app. It takes me three minutes. You just click it. Are you angry today? Do you have a resentment today? You just click yes or no. I have a meditation app, I have a gratitude list app. I have read books on mindfulness, on meditation. Never stop learning.

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Old-Timers' Panel — Newark International Convention, July 2017

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