The More, The Healthier

I am very fortunate that I was blessed to find sobriety in SA before getting married. I am also thankful that my sponsor required that I had stable sobriety before giving me permission to date. During the dating period, in addition to my meetings and Step work, I checked in with him multiple times during the week, especially checking in after spending time with the young woman I was dating. Lust, just like the bogey man, is even scarier late at night. My safeguards were prayer, check-in calls, journaling, recovery reading, and a curfew. These safeguards helped to reduce lust and helped me address my codependency and love addiction.

In all of my previous relationships, before SA recovery, if there was any chemistry, the connection that had the magic (SA 203), I would immediately try to move the relationship from friendship to sex partner. I didn’t realize it at that time, but I was being overwhelmed by my lust. By working the SA program of recovery, the fellowship gave me monitoring and support to keep me from being overwhelmed, and I found a safe haven where I could finally face myself (SA 204).

Thanks to my God and the SA program of recovery that he has given me, I was able to experience sober dating and maintain my sobriety during dating, during the engagement, and during our 15+ years of marriage. I can truly say that my wife is my best friend. Being married to her is even more glorious that I could have imagined. Thanks to God and his wonderful program of recovery, the fellowship has given me monitoring and support to keep me from being overwhelmed. I’ve found my safe haven. It’s good to be home. Recovery is a great place to be!

Simon W., North Carolina, USA

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