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Why Be a Sponsor to a Friend in Prison?

1. Because one day, I could be one of them. From a prisoner’s perspective, it would surely be a comfort to be visited by people who would not condemn me, who would understand me and be willing to help me.

2. By helping a sexaholic in prison, I would be working my Twelfth Step and also the Fifth Tradition, so my own recovery would be helped in the process. I would meet a whole new range of people, some who might struggle with the concept of a Higher Power, and others totally at ease with the concept. Prejudice and condemnation would disappear, and gratitude remain.

3. Of course, I would not have to do this service on my own. The worldwide group of CFC trusted servants is a strong fellowship. I would be well connected. There’s a lot o’ love in that circle. And whenever my motivation might waver, I know I would be encouraged to read a letter from a prison sponsee to his sponsor, shared subsequently on one of the various CFC WhatsApp groups.

4. The variety of problems and questions posed by prison sponsees would deepen my knowledge and understanding of the program, including my own assets and defects of character. There is lots of support out there—local and international CF committees, workshops, and lots of practical tools, like sample-letters to prisoners. Female and male trusted servants are on hand, ready to help out with all their experience, strength and hope.

5. So I would continue being there for my sponsees, my “friends in prison” who oftentimes live in reduced and challenging circumstances and who could really do with my support. I have a responsibility. And again, I would not be on my own.

6. Find out whether there is a CFC break-out session at the next convention you visit. At the July International Convention in Cracow, there will be a CFC table providing useful information and trusted servants there will try to answer any questions you may have. There will also be a CFC break-out session on Saturday July 15, 10:00-10:50 a.m. in Room 7 (Jinan C) with the story of a sexaholic who came out of prison in SA recovery. There will also be a workshop there to help you write a letter to a friend in prison. Come and talk to us.

Ben V., Leiden, The Netherlands

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