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An Email Sent to a Newcomer

When you asked me about how to respond to temptations, I thought I could share a few suggestions and insights with you.

SA helps me respond to temptations and it is my Higher Power that is the Source. I surrender myself to my Higher Power and admit that I am powerless. If you believe that your Higher Power loves you and hears your prayers, then you will receive help.

Repeat the prayers until the temptation goes away, and remove yourself from the trigger too. We do our part. It is best to remove yourself immediately. Pray immediately and if you find yourself staring at a person lustfully or watching pornography, stop looking immediately. Once we get the hormones working in our body, it is always more difficult to stop. I know because I have been in that situation. When I watched porn for 30 minutes, then started to pray because I felt guilty, it was almost impossible to stop. Now, when I first feel the temptation to indulge lust, I pray right away.

There are other things I can do as well. Avoid the place or the person. If the pornography is on your phone, put a filter on it or somehow block the opportunity. Why tempt yourself?

We have a saying in SA, “I am more susceptible to lust when I am Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.” We call it “H.A.L.T.” If I am hungry, I eat something; angry or resentful, I try to surrender that anger or resentment to my Higher Power; lonely, I call a friend; tired, I take a nap or try to get a better night’s sleep.

Another help with temptation is to call a friend in Sexaholics Anonymous or another friend that you trust. Bringing dark thoughts or temptations to the light with another person helps to take away their power. If you find that you are still troubled with a temptation after you pray for a few minutes, don’t hesitate to call again. Even just texting can help.

It is also helpful to have an interesting hobby. Positive emotions are very helpful in rejecting attractions that hurt you. I believe lust hurts me. It is a kind of idolatry. Lust is saying to your Higher Power, “I really want this now. It is more important than anything else in the world right now. Even though I know You, my Higher Power, don’t want me to indulge this lust, I still want to do it.” Isn’t that idolatry?

So having outside interests is good; talking to trusted friends is good; taking care of myself (HALT) is good; avoiding tempting places and habits is good; PRAYING TO H.P. IS ALWAYS GOOD AND IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY.

Your friend in the program, K.

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