“Bad News” in Sexaholics Anonymous

Over three sober decades in SA there have been quite a few pieces of “bad news” for me as a recovering sexaholic. They all arise, like my entire program, from my experience, strength, and hope:

  • Obsession (Defined as: thinking about something more than once without any new information) is a primary problem. Nothing causes obsession.
  • Obsession is deadly to relationships. Obsession blocks me from my spouse, my family and friends, program people, institutions, and my Higher Power or God.
  • The “Obsession Song” really works! The verses are: “I’m obsessing, I’m obsessing. Yes, I am, yes, I am. Take away the garbage, take away the garbage. Please God, please God.” (Tune: Frère Jacques.) There are many other obsession tools such as surrendering my right to think and using a loose rubber band on my wrist.
  • The Law of Obsession is “I only obsess about things I can do nothing about!” By definition in my experience, this Law is never broken. If I could do something, I would do something!

David M., Oregon, USA

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