We Are Not A Glum Lot

One of the most effective Practical Tools is humor.

“I have been sober for a long time. I tried to give my recovery knowledge away like a fire hose. I realized I was overwhelming newcomers with way too much information at one time. I slowed it down to a garden hose. That was still too much. Today I do my Twelfth Stepping like a water fountain. I know more is missed than is swallowed but at least part of my message is received.”

Bob F., Nebraska, USA

Jim is told by his sponsor that he needs to participate more in service work. So he applies for the position of treasurer. They hold a group conscience and ask him “What is nine multiplied by four?” He thinks quickly and says “Thirty-three.” After the interview, he realizes his mistake. He’s surprised when they inform him he got the job, despite there being four other candidates.
“But I got the wrong answer,” he protests. “Yeah, we know. But you were closest.”


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