I've Got a World Famous Cat!


I’ve Got a World Famous Cat!

Dear ESSAY, thank you for the wonderful suprise I received in the August edition on The Slogans. On p. 20 I unexpectedly found an article written by my sponsor with a picture of my cat “Milton” and an embroidery work I had sent her when I had been working on it.

I also loved the article “Living the Slogans” from two Dutch fellows about the recovery music they make. I had the privilege to see them perform live twice, which were great experiences as music touches me deeply.

Their song “Living the Slogans” says: Lust can’t wait to take, love can’t wait to give. It hit me really hard. In the last couple of months, I was mostly taking again by feeding my self-importance and asking others for their approval and attention. I could tell myself it wasn’t lust because it had nothing to do with sex. But, for me, this attitude of taking is lust. Every emotionally dependent relationship—even with fellows, even when sex has nothing to do with them—is lust and I am powerless over them.

I thank God for the ESSAY. It really is my favorite mail. SA is truly saving my life, One Day At a Time.

Nathalie V., Antwerp, Belgium


Maybe you have heard that this is a simple program for complicated people.

I am a very complicated person! And I complicate the program as well.

So, when I am completely lost, and don’t know what I should do, I just pray:


I have used it many times throughout my recovery and it always works.

Something changes inside me and the door to recovery opens again.

Carolina, Madrid, Spain

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